May As this month draws to an end I find myself reflecting on this Spring and what we have been up to. There has been much knitting and whippet walking and normal everyday activities which keep us very busy but we also drove 475 miles to the Scottish Highlands for a few days. The weather … Continue reading


I happen to like January, named after the Roman God Janus who was apparently the god of the doorway. Usually depicted with two heads, one looking back to the year past and one looking forward to the new year. I don’t mind the short days and dark nights and we usually get a ‘bit of … Continue reading January


We have had some beautiful skies this month especially when the sun has been rising or setting. It makes up for us probably not having a white Christmas this year! Whenever we are out walking Martha can’t pass by one of these ‘creep holes’ without having to see what’s on the other side of the … Continue reading December